Create beautiful vector art, faster.

Graphics editor for icons, emojis, infographics, stickers, and more.

Kwippe is different.
Kwippe lets the computer do part of your work for you.

  • convert black art into multicolor
  • easily create matching sets
  • generate variations
  • perfect your design quickly

You can create a beautiful design in a fraction of the time needed in a program like Inkscape or Illustrator.
Kwippe is for you.
  • UX Designers, app developers, small businesses, teachers, students
  • over 33,000 graphics, icons, and emojis
  • 3,000+ AAC images for speech therapy, PECS for autism
Kwippe costs less.
Kwippe is FREE to use, with lower resolution PNG output.

  • $4.99/mo for high resolution and vector SVG output
  • $9.99/mo professional plan includes importing your own SVGs
Now, build something great.

Browse the art in the Kwippe App

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