Illustrator Scripts Rock

If you are using Illustrator regularly, and aren’t using scripting - you’re missing a fantastic way to improve your art and work a lot faster. Illustrator still remains an absolute powerhouse when it comes to vector art creation and manipulation, and despite my efforts to move the bulk of my tools to Node.js, I find that there are still things that only Illustrator seems to be able to get right. in particular resizing SVGs has proven really problematic via the command line and Node.js, but a simple batch process in Illustrator cleans up unruly SVGs with a high degree of accuracy.

IconFinder has a talented guy heading up their content development named Scott Lewis, and he’s put some really amazing scripts online on his Github account.

Another excellent list of scripts for Illustrator is at Astute Graphics - the company responsible for some amazing plugins.

While I still dream of being able to quickly manipulate every aspect of SVGs via a nice batch script in Node.js (ahhhh…) - in the meantime I’ll keep using these gems to get the job done!

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