An Icon that is More than an Icon - Icons As Art

One thing we feel really strong about here at Kwippe is the value of icons as art, and not just simple symbols you use in a menu or something similar. One need look no further than the Noun Project to see examples of icon art that are so detailed that they rival any “regular” art or graphic design piece. Emojis seem to be the next step in the evolutionary scale of artwork, and nobody seems to doubt that emojis are artwork rather than simple icons. But the reality is that they can be both. We applaud the team at EmojiOne for helping take emojis to the next level - and their latest pack really shines.

But icons, just icons, usually drawn with simple paths that may not even contain a color - can also contain all kinds of wonderful detail that makes for beautiful designs once you add a bit of coloring. We were really amazed when we put our first set of ordinary web icons into Kwippe, and saw just how they came alive.

Icon montages are sprouting up everywhere - on Fortune 500 websites as well as on the landing pages of design companies. That’s where a handful of icons are arranged artistically against a colored background to create an infographic or new design. These designs are often crisp and bold, conveying their message simply but clearly, and its one reason why they have become so popular.

We’ll keep hunting down and adding as many cool icons as we can here at Kwippe - and accept recommendations too - so if you have a cool pack you’d like to see uploaded into our system, give us a shout out here or on Twitter!

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