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Visit our Flickr page here - we’ve posted thousands of free emojis and icons.

Well as we’ve started posting to social media as a bit of a necessary evil, I have to say I’m a bit aghast at how difficult this is, compared to the past. Sure, it’s a lot easier to post to a myriad of social networks, but each post is like throwing something into the abyss. We just don’t have the large social network the most people marketing online have - we haven’t been marketing anything in years, as we’ve been busy raising a family - without the time and energy to focus on a Pinterest or Twitter following!

So for somebody starting fresh, getting traction on social media is no easy thing. I probably did the wrong thing by converting my Monster Coding twitter account to a Kwippe account - but heck I do have nearly 700 followers there, versus - well, uh, NONE…

Then I’ve used a cool tool called Social Pilot to post to Pinterest - which seems cool, but since I haven’t actually spent time on Pinterest, following others, pinning, etc - my pins pretty much go into the abyss.

Then there is Flickr - the one service that I’ve been so happy with that I decided to pay for it!

While we haven’t done the whole “follow a thousand people so they follow you back” yet - what I do have on Flickr is an awesome stream of data about our images. Since my images are subject and color grouped - this is an amazing source of data for us! We can see what images are getting play, and what images aren’t. This will help us to shape a better Kwippe. We’ll use the topics hot on Flickr to flesh out cool art packs, and the popular colors to shape better color palettes for people.

So THANKS Flickr! We appreciate the tool - a spot of brightness in our social media world!

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