Seo in the Post Social Media World

I remember back in the day when SEO was something only super geeks even knew existed! There was no such thing as social media yet, and it was so much easier to get your pages ranked that it sometimes seems like it was a different universe. You could put things up on Ebay, and they would sell within the hour if it was a good listing. While I haven’t bought or sold on Ebay in years, they don’t even do digital items anymore. And Etsy so far has just been a bottomless pit of listings, where throwing in 20 nicely crafted listings has generated hardly a visit. The web itself has so much more content that each blog post or web page is like a tiny speck in a vast ocean.

So in anticipation of our big launch I’ve started to look at the new SEO - and what that means for our website. This blog is proudly generated with Hexo, the Node.js static blog platform. We are very dedicated to making this app as serverless as possible, and Hexo is an awesome tool for quickly generating static content. There are tons of plugins as well, including a sitemap tool and Structured Data Markup tags already included in our theme (the lovely Icarus theme).

It remains to be seen if any of this will help - for me the blog is more about writing about issues we are facing day to day with our development, and sharing ideas that may be useful to other people. If that helps bring traffic, great. If not, I’ll keep blogging anyway! Ah and the broken down house above refers to my overall impression of the daunting task a new app/website faces when trying to get their SEO house in order…

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